Quality Hay for Sale

Flexibility for you!

Custom baling, delivery, and assistance loading are all ways we can make your hay hauling easier on you.  Contact us for specific requests!

Non-GMO Alfalfa

Vernal alfalfa is one of the original lines of alfalfa genetics that has been around for many years.


We do not spray chemicals on our fields.  We like our alfalfa and grass spray free!

So How Does It Work?

Call or email to reserve your hay

We fill many orders through out the year and all are important to us!  Please make sure to contact us prior to picking up your hay.

Payment is by cash or check.

We are unable to take payment via credit cards at this time, so please be sure to bring cash or check.

Add delivery or load-out during your order

Need a delivery quote or hand loading?  Call or email us to get current pricing and availability.

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